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If you submit a review of the MADMONQ product on this web page, by such step you agree that the review can be published on the website,
on social media, in advertising, and other marketing materials related to the MADMONQ brand. For our marketing purposes, we can use the following: your
name or nickname under which you submits the review, and the text of the review. If you do not wish the review to be published or used for marketing
purposes, such decision (disagreement) may be sent to the e-mail address You should know, that after the publication of any marketing material containing the review, it is not possible to remove your data (reviews and data about the author).

We undertake not to use your personal data and information for commercial offers, which is not related with our core business, and that we will never sell
your personal data, nor made it available to any third parties. Exceptions are the delivery companies, whom the customers’ personal data are transmitted in
the minimum extent that is necessary for the smooth delivery of goods.

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